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Curriculum and Courses

WPISD offers 11 career clusters and 15 CTE programs of study in WPISD that meet high school graduation endorsement requirements. Each of these programs of study has a career pathway that provides coherent, articulated sequences of rigorous CTE courses. End of program industry-recognized certificates and/or licenses are available for most programs of study.


Curriculum and Courses

Each curriculum area and grade level has a designated framework for instruction at Wills Point ISD. Wills Point ISD curriculum is the State of Texas' Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). In our Career and Technical Education department, the State of Texas bundles the TEKS into each career cluster and program of study. Each of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study meets High School Graduation Requirements. For more information about Texas Education Agency Career and Technical Education requirements, visit: Career and Technical Education courses are developed using the programs of study that prepare students for a career. Each 8-12 grade student are advised annually about CTE course offerings through the high school counseling department.

The available CTE programs of study fall under two of the endorsements: Business and Industry and Public Service . Within each of these endorsements, through the 15 programs of study, students have the opportunity to earn various certifications, licenses, and postsecondary credentials while in high school. Upon earning these credentials and graduating from high school, students are prepared to either continue their education or enter the workforce.

When viewing the WPISD Career and Technical Education’s programs of study, please note the classes within each pathway are listed in sequential order. Highlighted details identify student leadership organizations in which a student can participate, as well as licenses and certifications that students can obtain while in high school. 


You can view all our offered programs by clicking on the icons. 


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Courses Offered At WPHS