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Internship/Apprentice program

Wills Point High School Internship Program

Wills Point High School Internship program

The Internship program is designed to expose students to real-world situations and develop skills that will prepare them to make decisions about their pst-secondary future. This avaiable to all students through seasonal job opprotunties that are offered around the Wills Point Community and surrounding cities. 

Program Objective: 

  • To assist students in making career choices - This includes exploring today’s job market, setting personal goals, and developing an individual career portfolio.
  • To assist students in basic workplace practices - This includes safety, workplace ethics, communication skills, and professionalism training.
  • To assist students in professional development - This includes work relationship training, leadership skill development, problem-solving and thinking-skill development, technology applications, and time management skill development.

What is an Internship?

Internships can provide a glimpse into the real working world, allowing you to get a feel for what it's like to have a full-time job. It's like an appetizer before the main course. They also allow you to gain experience in different working environments and help you determine what work suits you best. It's important to remember that internships are about learning and applying the skills you've acquired. WPHS wants each student to gain experience, so that the experience become a valuable addition to your resume, making you an attractive candidate to potential employers. 

Why Take An Intership?

Students are exposed to real-world work enviornments in an array of industries, from agriculture, hospitality, medical, and business managment, to media, teaching, engineering, and architecture. 

  • Real World Skills for Real World Success 
  • Credentialed certifications
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Global competitive advantage 
  • Career skills building

It is advised that students have meet the following criteria before deciding to enter the internship program: 

  1. Junior/Senior
  2. Maintain passing grade point average
  3. Completed at least two courses within a specific CTE pathway ( at least one of those courses are advance)
  4. Mobile transportation

To sign up for Internship Program, students must fill out the enrollment form


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